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Here you can read about adding, editing and removing content of the pages you created and filled ones, as well. Learn how to use the CCMS together with the Content Editor. 

To have a fulll understanding of all the actions described in this chapter, we advise you to read the informations below.

 Content Editor - an advanced text editor allowing you to maintain the text, styles, pictures, links, documents, tables, forms etc. on your website.

 Editorial - an editable part of the page marked by the orange frame. Your page can have one or more editorials. Editable and not editable parts depend of the template which has been chosen for the page. 

 CCMS Mode - there you can see all available CCMS options. You are inside the CCMS system and you see the CCMS layout. You can get to the CCMS Mode from any other mode using the 'To detail page' button.

 WYSIWYG Edit - there you can see the content of your page with Editorial(s) marked by the orange frame. Through the WYSIWYG Edit mode you can open the Website Editor.

 Preview Mode -  through CCMS, you can see the website in the same way that it will look for the visitors after it is published.

 CCMS Mode Buttons - the orange buttons placed on the left top of the page allow you to switch between different modes.