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Managing media


Some general information

Media items is a part of Content & Campaign Management Solution by ContentForces. It is a digital library, in which media files of different categories are stored. The files in question may appear in formats such as:
Image web quality: .jpg, .gif, .png
Image print quality: .jpg, .tiff
Vector graphics: .svg, .eps, .ai
Ready documents: .pdf, .eps, .doc, .odt, .xls
Sound: .mp3
Movie: .mpg, .avi, .mov
Flash: .swf
Compressed files: .rar, .zip

Media items are stored in a 'CONTENT' tab, which is placed at the top left corner of the page.

On the first view of the Media overview, the taxonomy tree and the media library are visible. The taxonomy tree (visible on the left side) is in the form of a list, which catalogues media files in categories like: Images, Video, Sound and Documents. This kind of categorization enables you to find searched files in a fast and easy way, whereas the media library is visible on the right side of the page and it displays the preview of media files and their data (name, file extension, owner, creation date, update date).

Media can be multilingual or not. It means that an image can be added to all languages/versions  or only to an actual language/region. (you can change the Language/Region with the dropdown in the top right part of CCMS)

Before Adding Images

Before you add any picture to the data base, it would be good if you know something about the size of pictures which you need to upload. Below you have some example sizes, a description on how to check the size of a picture and some Hyperlinks to tools which can be helpful to resize images.  

Example sizes:


Size Picture
50 x 50 px                          
100 x 100 px
200 x 200 px
300 x 300 px
400 x 400 px

If you want to insert an image with a size which already exists on your page you can easily check what size that image is. You need to click with the right button of your mouse on a chosen picture and check the Properties [or Image/Picture/Photo properties]. There you will find the size of file, but also the size of the image itself.

Once you know what size your picture should be you can resize it by yourself or you can use some free tools which are
very easy in use and which will help you resize pictures:
Free Online Picture Resizer
Free Image Resize Software - VSO 

Using the Filter

Above media files there are some dropdowns and the 'Filter'button. You can filter data from Media items by type, name, file extension, creation date and update date.

If you are looking for media with a specific name - type this name and click the 'Filter'' button

If you want to filter by type, file extension or date - use other dropdowns and click the 'Filter' button

If you are looking for media with a specific name, a specific extension and a date - you can type name and use other dropdowns at the same time. Then click the 'Filter' button.

Changing number of media visible on page

You can change the number of media visible on a page by using the 'Show on page' dropdown

You can see 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 media files on a page