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Video Manual. Editorials.

Editorials are a part of CCMS platform used on publications. Now, the most common use is on a website where some parts of the website are permanent, e.g. on each page you want to have an address at the bottom of the page. To avoid adding the address to each page one by one, you can use Editorials for it. As a user, you are not able to add or delete that kind of content. You are able to edit it and change it from multilingual into single lingual and vise versa.

 The way of creating a new editorial is not so easy, as it is done in a template in HTML - so our integrator prepares everything for
you and then you are able to edit it.

To see what Editorials are placed on your website go to CONTENT/Editorials.

You can see all editorials used on your website in the selected Editing language.

You can see details of an Editorial by clicking on its Editorial Name.

You will see the "Editorial details" page

By clicking on the 'Edit' button you will be moved to the edit page, where you can edit content of a chosen editorial.

You can edit information stored in Editorials, but you need to remember that every change which you do here will be visible on
your website, so please be careful. The part which is presented on the website is stored in Editorial Value.

Click the "Save" button to save changes or "Cancel" to discard them.