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Editable editorials

Editable editorials is a ContentForces compontent connected with editorials. It allows you to edit editorials directly from the preview of the selected page. In other words, editable editorials operates as the commonly known WYSIWYG Editor – What You See Is What You Get. Changes made using editable editorials are also visible on the CCMS level (under CONTENT/Editorial overview).

In the CCMS, select the page with editorials which you would like to edit and click "PREVIEW"

You are already in WYSIWYG mode so you can see editorials with orange frames (if you are in Preview mode, click "WYSIWYG Edit" button on the top of the page).

When you click on a selected editable editorial you will see a cloud with a little information about the editorial and two buttons: "edit" and "cancel"

Click "edit" and change editorial value

To save changes click the "floppy disc" button, to discard changes - click the "X" button

The whole website should be published to see the changes made using editable editorials