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Managing Deals

Go to RESULTS / Deals

You can select any deal

You will see detailed data about the selected deal. In the example - identifier, client ID, external status, internal status, ordered products, documents and assigned contact.

To edit information stored on a detail page you need to click the 'Edit' button on the detail page of a chosen item or next to it on the overview page.

Now you can edit information stored in the request: client ID, external status, internal status, change campaign name

You can also edit data about ordered products. Click 'Edit' next to a selected product, to edit data about the order

Now you can change quantity, price, VAT,  Tax, Discount, and Shipping cost

There is also a possibility to assign a deal to an existing contact

You can delete deals. To do this click the 'Delete' button next to a specific deal on the DEALS OVERVIEW or select a deal and click the 'Delete' button on the DEAL DETAIL page

Besides that, you can add a new deal by clicking on the 'New deal' button

On the DEAL DETAIL page, there is a  possibility to view and configure documents

On the DEAL DETAILS page there is the possibility to assign or add additional products

Besides this, you can use a filter to only see deal/s of a specific type