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Deleting page

Video Manual. Deleting page

  Choose the page which you want to delete from the left-side Taxonomy Tree

 Click the "Delete" button if you are sure that you want to delete that page

 If you delete a page there is no possibility to get it back

 In case the page has subpages, you have to delete all the subpages of the page at first (you need to start deleting from the last branch of the taxonomy tree)

 Click the "OK" button to delete page. Otherwise click "Cancel" to discard operation.

 There is also another way to delete the page. Go to Publication/Website.

You can see the overview with all pages in the frame in the central part of the page. Click the "Delete" button situated on the left side of the name. Confirm deleting the page.

 If you are not sure whether you should delete a page, you can only change status into OFF LINE (via Editing pages option) and after publishing the site, that page will not be visible for viewers