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Showing inherited items

There are sections showing all the items assigned to the taxonomy detail paget, for example Contact Lists are directly assigned to this taxonomy.

In CCMS, you can also see items assigned to parent taxonomies of a given taxonomy, which are not assigned to it directly but are inherited by it from the parent taxonomy.

Inheritance icons show that a given item is not directly assigned but is inherited from the parent (not necessarily direct parent). In that situation, the delete action is impossible (the button is not visible) when it comes to inherited items. In these situations you can:

  • assign an item directly to that page  - then inheritance will disappear for the selected page,
  • change assignment on parent level (but it will apply to all taxonomies below)

Example 1: Contact list and labels are inherited from the parent taxonomy

Example 2: The Contact list is inherited from the parent taxonomy, but the label is assigned directly to a selected page